Parts Washing Cabinet Upgrades

You can add the following upgrades to your parts washer
to customize it to fit your cleaning requirements.

Electromechanical 7-Day 24 Heater Timer
(Available on all models)
(Included on the WA-SX)


This option eliminates the wait time for the water to heat up by
allowing you to set the water heater to automatically turn on and
shut off at a certain time so that when you come in to work it's
ready to go and when you leave for the day it shuts itself off.



Mid-Spray Arm
(Not available on the WA-JR model)
(Included on the WA-SX and WA-XL-Jumbo)

The Mid-Spray Arm is an additional spray arm that swings down in the middle of the
cabinet. This upgrade makes it possible to clean shorter parts more quickly. When
the arm is not needed, simply swing it out of the way.

High Capacity Gear Driven Turntable (1000lbs)
(Available on the WA-JR and WA-S)
(Included on the WA-Truck, WA-SX, WA-Jumbo)

If washing heavier parts then you might want to consider upgrading
your washer with a 1000 Pound Turntable. This will increase the
load capacity from 500 lbs to 1000 lbs as well as replace the brush
drive with a heavy duty gear driven system.

2 HP Pump Upgrade
(Available on the WA-S, not available on the WA-JR)
(Included on the WA-Truck and WA-Jumbo)


This will upgrade the water pump from the standard 1 HP to a 2 HP pump. The pump output will increase from 80 GPM to 145 GPM.


Please call for a quote.
Cabinet Stainless Steel Construction
(Available on all models)
(Included on the WA-SX)

The cabinet shell will be constructed out of stainless steel.

Please call for a quote
Complete Stainless Steel Construction
(Available on all models)

The entire parts washer will be constructed out of stainless steel
and all wetted parts (ie, pump, pipe fittings) will be stainless steel.



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